QUAD 34 Preamp

Launched by Quad in 1982, the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier built on the solid success and reputation of previous Quad pre amplifiers such as the Quad 33 Pre Amplifier. One of two very similar Quad pre amplifiers, the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier only had four inputs compared to the Quad 44 Pre Amplifier which had five. Like its predecessor, the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier was totally modular meaning modules at the rear could be chopped and changed. Early versions of the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier had four inputs disc, radio, tape and aux ( this was relabelled CD on later models).

The Quad 34 Pre Amplifier's phono module was interchangeable so that moving magnet as well as moving coil could be accommodated. One of the features unique to Quad pre amplifiers were the use of an additional filters on the tone control circuitry to reduce distortion or room environment effects. As well as a standard bass control, the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier had an adjustable tone filter and a tilt filter which was able to compensate for poor recordings by adjusting the frequency response from bass to treble or treble to bass to better suit the listener.

The original Quad 34 Pre Amplifier had 5 pin DIN socket inputs at the back for sources although this was changed to RCA phono sockets on later models. Although a very competent well built and designed pre amplifer, the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier uses some poor electronic components in parts which degrade the sound quality. Fortunately one company, Fidele Audio is able to offer a number of upgrades to these machines to raise the perfomance of the Quad 34 Pre Amplifier even further.

Quad 34 Pre Amplifier Specification

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